Guides Group: Share Buttons

How to add Click to Tweet boxes

General Setup The general setup includes options that will be used for all quote blocks on site. Those options you can find in Social Sharing -> Click to Tweet. Default @username – this will be the default Twitter username that plugin will automatically append to the Tweet if nothing is specified in the shortcode. If you are […]

How to add after share events

The after share events are a group of actions that will start after the share command. To respect user privacy and due to social network limitations, the after share events do not track the entire share process – the function track if the share window opens and stays for a while. If so on the […]

How to customize the sharing information

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress automatically generate the sharing information for all networks using the post details – title, excerpt, and featured image. You can customize those details only if you need to tune the sharing information (otherwise you can use the automatically generated).  The fields to customize the share details are available on […]

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