Included in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

How to add after share events

The After Share Events function can be hidden in your menu. If so the module is deactivated and you need to enable it from the Activate/Deactivate features. Learn more about feature activation and deactivation here.

The after share events are a group of actions that will start after the share command. To respect user privacy and due to social network limitations, the after share events do not track the entire share process – the function track if the share window opens and stays for a while. If so on the close the event will run.

You can activate the After Share Events from Social Sharing -> After Share Events.

You can use the following type of events:

  • Social Like/Follow Buttons – the social like/follow buttons will show in the after share window a group of native social like/follow buttons (selected networks supported only)
  • Custom HTML Message or Shortcode – you can write your own HTML code and use shortcodes.
  • Custom Javascript Code – write your own javascript code to track the share buttons’ click.
  • Plugin Integrated Subscribe Form – add a subscribe to mailing list form from the plugin functions (requires subscribe forms to be enabled and configured).
  • Social Profile Buttons – include static profile buttons based form the Social Profiles module of the plugin.


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