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Version Changes

Version 7.0.1 – March 15, 2020



  • Share ButtonsTumbler share command not working #1
  • InstagramThe conflict between Smashing Baloon and Easy Social Share Button Instagram feed. When the Instagram feed module is enabled the Smashing Baloon shortcode does not show feed. #3
  • Share ButtonsReturn compatibility for hovertext_$network in version 7 #5
  • After Share EventsError in After Share Events module appearing when the option to avoid mobile settings on a tablet is enabled #10
  • GeneralDeactivate automated WPML & Polylang bridge does not save state #11
  • Share ButtonsSidebar not showing when to appear after or disappear before conditions where running #13

Version 7.0 – March 10, 2020

Remember to clear all caches when updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors. Keep in mind that not all of the included extensions are fully updated to version 7 changes (except premium). If you use any extensions on your site, do a test before going to update.

New Features

  • Customer onboarding wizard through major plugin features
  • Entirely new and user-friendly plugin options screen
  • Custom share buttons creator (you can include a completely custom button for sharing or general-purpose in the list of share networks, like the default) View Demo โ†’
  • Social proof notifications lite for share buttons. View Demo โ†’
  • Instagram widgets and shortcodes to show user/hashtag feed, embed a single image, etc. View Demo โ†’
  • Share ButtonsNew Share Buttons – Facebook Like Button, Copy Link Button View Demo โ†’
  • Social Followers/ProfilesNew Networks – Patreon, Mixer, TikTok, Odnoklassniki, Medium, Xing View Demo โ†’
  • Social ProfilesLayout options added to the shortcode, builder elements and widget for the Social Profiles – show additional text, display in several columns View Demo โ†’


  • Share ButtonsLove button additional options to prevent message from appearing when clicked
  • Share ButtonsFluid layout of share buttons added to the alignment
  • Share Buttons3 new share counter options are available in the single button counter
  • Share ButtonsLite stylesheet added – the plugin will deactivate few of design options and templates but use a core stylesheet that is half of the size of the default
  • Share ButtonsOptions to deactivate share buttons or plugin entirely based on URL
  • Share ButtonsBuddyPress Affiliate links support
  • Share CountersOption to show homepage share counter generation based on all shares of the entire site
  • Share CountersOptions to hide share counters on the homepage and/or archive pages
  • Share CountersShare counter can show the site overall shares on all posts or pages
  • After Share ActionsNew mode included: static social profile links (directly integrated with Social Profile Links setup) View Demo โ†’
  • Click to TweetGeneral Click-to-Tweet options added for default username, hashtags, and template used on entire site
  • Click to TweetClick-to-Tweet custom template builder
  • Click to TweetNew template #5 added View Demo โ†’


  • Share ButtonsAdded automated position settings from the Template & Style menu (apply recommended view for specific positions)
  • Share ButtonsAdded automatic mobile settings from the Template & Style menu
  • Share ButtonsStretched alignment for easy setup of the content share buttons
  • Share ButtonsNetwork responsive design controls to hide specific buttons on different device types
  • Share ButtonsAdded option to use the same network list from the global settings everywhere (from Social Sharing -> Networks menu)
  • Share ButtonsThe design of the more button pop-up
  • Share CountersNew option in share counter update to send only the main URL in the counter update command (without any query string parameters)
  • Share CountersImproved fake share counter feature with adding the multiplier option for the existing shares
  • Share CountersAdded singular/plural text option in settings for the total counter with a big number of shares
  • Share added as supported Facebook share counter update source
  • Share CountersAdded a column with the total shares for posts and pages in the WordPress Admin. The data is filled with the share counter update (if counters are not used it will not show any values)
  • Share CountersFake share counter option to multiply the number of shares with specific values
  • Pinterest ProThe minimal width and height has a different setting for desktop and mobile devices for better image targeting
  • Pinterest ProAdded ability to set data-pin-id with for all images on a post
  • Pinterest ProAdded option to force set custom Pin image on all images in a post in the data-pin-media
  • Pinterest Pro(BETA) Automatic assign Pinterest sharing message on all images
  • Pinterest Pro(BETA) Responsive image detector – scan thumbnail images for the possible full size and assign it for sharing over Pinterest
  • After Share ActionsAdded networks control for the after share events (select networks where the action will run)
  • After Share ActionsThe design of the pop-up
  • Display MethodSidebar Option to hide when content buttons are visible
  • Display MethodSidebar Options to change button size or location on the screen (middle is the default position right now)
  • Display MethodFollow me bar A new option to show on the left bottom corner (like the sidebar)
  • Display MethodPost Vertical Float Additional check on scroll for proper detection of the end of the content
  • Display MethodPost Vertical Float An additional field to specify selectors when it will be hidden
  • Display MethodPost Vertical Float An additional bottom offset field to correct the disappear position (accept number value)
  • Subscribe FormsOption inside the subscribe forms to specify privacy terms link in a separate text element
  • Subscribe FormsAdded custom list option to the subscribe forms. Each form can have a separate list ID (but under the same account)
  • Subscribe FormsSubscribe forms pop-up can now be displayed also in manual mode with a javascript function call or automatic assignment on class or ID
  • Facebook Messenger ChatIncluded option to change the language of the chat interface provided from Facebook
  • GeneralAdded option to the share buttons shortcode to avoid the generation of affiliate link even when the option is set inside settings (noaffiliate=”yes”)
  • ElementorAdded additional Elementor widgets (can be used in free and pro version)


  • Style SettingsSplit on different setup the profiles and followers counter color changes
  • Share ButtonsThe default rel=”” state of the share buttons is now “noreferrer noopener”. You can deactivate it and set nofollow like before from the Advanced Settings (applied on new installations only or when settings are restored to default)
  • Share ButtonsFlattr share button is migrated to the latest API
  • Share CountersUpdated real time share counters to add changes inside Facebook API
  • Pinterest ProPinterest Pro added compatibility with the Autoptimize lazy loading images option
  • Social FollowersUpdated Facebook followers counter value update action
  • Social FollowersThe Pinterest social followers counter update API command
  • Social FollowersThe Instagram social followers counter update API command
  • Social ProfilesUpdated social profile and widgets to support the default list of networks configured inside the plugin. The user still can customize and set own but it is not required all the time
  • Subscribe FormsConnection in subscribing forms with the Mailster plugin
  • Native ButtonsUpdated Facebook API used
  • IntegrationsAdded in the Integration settings option to deactivate social share optimization tags generated by Rank Math
  • IntegrationsAdded option to hide the share buttons on Elementor Page Builder editing mode
  • OptimizationsOption to load plugin styles and scripts on selected post/page IDs only
  • OptimizationsAdded option inside Advanced -> Optimization Options to load the custom styles only for used positions on-site (active by default on new installations)
  • AdministrativeOption to fully deactivate meta boxes of the plugin in the Admin
  • AdvancedAdded option in Advanced -> Advanced Options to allow selection of external images (offloaded on CDN) for share optimization
  • AdvancedAdded option to hide automated share buttons on preview pages (previously available only for Elementor design mode). Option is located in Advanced -> Advanced Options
  • AdvancedNew feature to deactivate Pinterest Pro on selected post/pages in Advanced Deactivate
  • GeneralUpdated the shortcode generator to refect on all available shortcodes
  • GeneralSocial share optimization tags for WooCommerce product to read if blank variation prices
  • GeneralMoved the network deactivate button on the Networks screen
  • GeneralUpdated shortcode share options only_mobile and hide_mobile to work with responsive triggers


  • Share ButtonsMissing encoding of the mailto command URL
  • Share ButtonsMobile network names does not apply on the automatically displayed positions that are not mobile
  • Pinterest ProImage galleries not showing properly with some lazy loading image plugins
  • Pinterest ProPinterest Pro will avoid detection if inline SVG images. This causes a problem in Pinterest sharing
  • Pinterest ProPinterest Pro compatibility with Envira gallery lazy loading images
  • Pinterest ProA problem with responsive loading videos in WP Rocket and Pinterest Pro
  • Social ProfilesProblem with Xing icon and different profile sizes
  • Social ProfilesIssue with the social profile widget not showing some of the networks
  • Subscribe FormsProblem with colors of the close button the fly out subscribe forms
  • Subscribe FormsMissing accent color in the form design 9 customizer
  • Click to ChatMissing left alignment of the chat button in Click to Chat feature
  • Facebook Messenger Chat, Skype ChatPosting types check not to apply on Facebook Messenger Live Chat and Skype Live Chat
  • GeneralSocial media assistant throwing javascript error inside console when the post has no image selected

Changelog for version 6.x, 5.x
Changelog for version 4.x, 3.x
Changelog for version 2.x, 1.x

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