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Jun 6, 2022

This version contains changes in plugin styles and scripts. If you are using cache and/or CDN it’s strongly advised to clear and refresh the cache. If you are using plugin pre-compiled mode and a problem appears temporarily deactivate it from Advanced -> Optimizations and reactivate it again.

  • NewProfile networks' library where you can download the most requested social networks in the last months#317
  • NewExport and import of a single custom network button from the Social Profiles and Social Followers' counter.#312
  • NewSupport for a new line in the Tweet created by Click to Tweet.#303
  • UpdatedAutomatically disable the "Speed up process of counters update" option in PHP 8. The function uses an external library "RollingCurl" which is not compatible with PHP 8 and causes errors in the debugger.#315
  • UpdatedUpdated Post Bar scripts - removed jQuery usage and use only Vanilla JS#311
  • UpdatedUpdated Post Bar styles to use SVG icons (refactoring the stylesheet)#310
  • UpdatedUpdated Post Bar code structure - post titles appear as div tags (old was headings h2)#309
  • UpdatedUpdated Click 2 Chat to use SVG icons instead of icon font#307
  • UpdatedUpdated After Share Actions to use SVG icons instead of icon font#306
  • UpdatedUpdated subscribe forms to use SVG icons instead of the icon font#304
  • UpdatedAdded a new option to disable loading of TinyMCE plugins generated by the plugin (Click to Tweet, Pinterest Pro, Shortcode Generator).#301
  • UpdatedUpdate the pop-up display methods variables to allow generation of image with code (and does not generate anything if image is not present)#300
  • UpdatedChanging the custom image selector to .post img#299
  • UpdatedUpdated the themify icon font load to avoid false alarm triggered on mod_security#298
  • IMPROVEMENTSComplete rework of the subscribe forms CSS - size reduced with 55%#305
  • FixedFixed the custom network not removed in the list of social profiles or social followers counter when a button is deleted#316
  • FixedFixed not working option hide_title in the Social Followers' when the shortcode is used (title shows always even when you choose to hide)#314
  • FixedPrevent showing in the Profiles widget a warning message if there are no active networks#313
  • FixedFixed missing styles of the Click to Tweet widget in the Block editor (when editing)#308
  • FixedEntities appear double encoded in the Tweet. Instead of the symbol appearing it's code.#302


April 15, 2022

This version contains changes in plugin styles and scripts. If you are using cache and/or CDN it’s strongly advised to clear and refresh the cache. If you are using plugin pre-compiled mode and a problem appears temporarily deactivate it from Advanced -> Optimizations and reactivate it again.

  • NewNew Click to Tweet shortcode generator is available directly in the settings. You can generate a shortcode for a block quote or an inline quote#297
  • NewFully updated shareable quotes (Click to Tweet) module. A new option for an inline tweet (in the content) is also added via shortcode. The new module uses an SVG icon for Twitter.#291
  • UpdatedDefined plugin text domain and update the text domains with the source to allow automated translations with plugin like Loco Translate.#292
  • UpdatedMoved LinkedIn followers' counter to update only manually#290
  • UpdatedUpdated Twitter card details image tag - from image:src to just image#289
  • IMPROVEMENTSAutomatically turn on the Translate menu in case the WordPress language is not English#296
  • IMPROVEMENTSNew default plugin options - features less active by default options#295
  • IMPROVEMENTSExtended the delay in the After Share actions. This should prevent the after share pop immediately after button click on mobile.#294
  • IMPROVEMENTSImproved PHP 8.1 support for the plugin#293
  • IMPROVEMENTSAdd an inline click to Tweet sharing option#190
  • FixedNot working integration between the Self Hosted Short URL add-on and the new short URL engine in the plugin#288
  • FixedDisable Pinning option does not save when open and edit image from the library#287


February 12, 2022
  • UpdatedUpdated share command#280
  • IMPROVEMENTSUpdated Facebook Messenger chat to support the new states of the chat window directly from the plugin.#286
  • IMPROVEMENTSUX Improvement: Added a message in the deactivate share buttons screen showing that options are for the share buttons only. And the global deactivate options are located in Advanced settings (for customers coming from older versions).#285
  • IMPROVEMENTSNew fields in the Share Button position settings to customize pop-up width and height (if empty keeps the current full-screen state)#284
  • IMPROVEMENTSNew option to disable Pinterest Pro on the homepage#277
  • FixedFixed a potential problem with missing short URL in the email message when buttons are only displayed via shortcode (no automatic display positions)#283
  • FixedEscaping the Horizontal Ellipsis entity … with regular ... (causing the wrong symbol appearing in the sharing).#282
  • FixedFixed a problem with the mail form showing in the footer without styles when the Mini stylesheet version is selected in Optimization options.#281
  • FixedFixed problem with block editor widget of subscribes forms - not showing all designs.#278


January 4, 2022
  • NewNew option to log the social followers' counter response from networks. Useful to identify wrong settings or connection problems.#267
  • NewNew option to the custom display positions for usage the shortcode in JetEngine listing template jetengine="true"#266
  • NewAdded new filter essb_single_post_compile_share_object running when single post sharing information is generated#265
  • NewSubscribe forms integration with Acelle Email Marketing#264
  • NewNew option to log the share counter update. You can view the request and raw response of the social network APIs. Helping identify problems with the share counter updates. Activated from the share counter advanced update options (Expert)#263
  • UpdatedExtending the "Deactivate internal help hints" option to disable completely the help beacon in the plugin (help icon at the right bottom corner of plugin settings).#273
  • IMPROVEMENTSAdded aria-label attribute the social profile links (Lighthouse improvement)#274
  • IMPROVEMENTSExtending the custom display options by adding a parameter for the tweet in the shortcode and function call.#271
  • IMPROVEMENTSUX Improvement: Moved WooCommerce integration options under the positions menu (previous Post Types)#262
  • FixedFixed a conflict with Thrive Theme builder not saving the icon when choosing from the list when Subscribe Forms are enabled.#275
  • FixedFixed a problem with missing short URL in the outgoing email message (sharing)#269
  • FixedFixed problem with social media optimization title not showing on category and tax archive pages#268


November 25, 2021
  • FixedFixed potential slow down of the plugin settings when short URLs are used#261
  • FixedFixed a potential problem with integration#260


November 23, 2021
  • NewAdded new parameter to the [ easy-popular-posts ] shortcode custom_source="" to specify custom meta value for post ordering#258
  • IMPROVEMENTSExtended detection of local or staging websites in the activations#256
  • IMPROVEMENTSImproved PHP 8 compatibility#254
  • FixedFixed missing plugin Elementor widget icons in the editor#259
  • FixedFix message appearing in the Instagram pop-up feed for missing class ESSB_SVG_Icons#257
  • FixedFix the wrong showing Not Configured message for the Share Counter section even when the Facebook counter is set correctly#255
  • FixedFixed missing Click 2 Chat styles not loaded all the time when cached features are used#253


November 9, 2021

If you update directly to version 8.0.1 from version 7.x, please refer to the version 8.0 release notes.

  • FixedError appearing in WordPress backend related to block editor integration when the Custom Display/Positions function is deactivated from the settings.#252


November 9, 2021

This is a major plugin update. The latest update includes some substantial changes across different areas of the plugin. We highly recommend you backup your site before upgrading and make sure you first update in a staging environment. To avoid display glitches don’t forget to clear the cache of your website and CDN (if used). If you face a problem with the plugin, please report to our support team And you can revert to the previous version manually at any time using the download links we post. 

Important note if you are using the pre-compiled mode of the plugin. If styles did not appear even after cache purge temporarily deactivate pre-compiled mode from Advanced -> Optimization and save settings. Verify that everything is OK and enable it again.

  • NewSubscribe Locker: Lock content and display subscribe to mailing list form (locking by timeout or scroll). The visitor will be able to continue reading only if successfully subscribe to the mail list. #199
  • NewA brand new and more plugin admin settings dashboard
  • NewNew share buttons' stylesheet version Mini. You can enable the mini version from the Optimization options menu.
  • NewAdded a new deactivate menu in Advanced settings to disable the plugin completely by setting post IDs or URLs from your website.
  • NewNew Conversions Pro tracking module for the social share buttons (all-time history). If you already use the conversion lite module temporarily deactivate and then reactivate it. This operation is required to create the new tracking table.
  • NewNew Conversions Pro tracking module for the subscribe forms (all-time history). If you already use the conversion lite module temporarily deactivate and then reactivate it. This operation is required to create the new tracking table.
  • NewIntegration with FluentCRM forms#249
  • NewAdd support for News Tagging (Share Buttons)#247
  • NewExport and import of custom positions from one installation to another#237
  • NewShort URL module integration with AffiliateWP - separate short URL can be stored for the affiliates by ID#235
  • NewNew short URL generation engine with option to cache short URL by social network#233
  • NewAdd tags to Mailchimp subscribe forms#221
  • NewAdded new filters for the Open Graph and Twitter Card title and description#210 (Examples)
  • UpdatedUpdate MailerLite API to v2#251
  • UpdatedUpgrade sendinblue API to version 3#223
  • UpdatedRemoved API calls to the legacy API. If you still use it update to the new API and generate access token key.#212
  • UpdatedThis major update includes a lot of updates and improvements in the code. This ensures long-time compatibility with all new releases of PHP and WordPress.
  • IMPROVEMENTSAdded counter request to the v2 Tumblr API#250
  • IMPROVEMENTSAdded a hidden label inside the social follower counter links to prevent showing errors for blank links in SEO checks#246
  • IMPROVEMENTSAdd alternative text to the social followers counter links for accessibility optimization#245
  • IMPROVEMENTSSubscribe form design that can display email field and button on the same row#238
  • IMPROVEMENTSFilter call to disable the UTM generation per social network#236
  • IMPROVEMENTSNew custom meta table for storing plugin custom post field#232
  • IMPROVEMENTSMake the name field in email form required and highlight error fields#222
  • IMPROVEMENTSAdded ability to output the image sizes in the Pinterest Pro shortcodes (gallery and image)#219
  • IMPROVEMENTSAdd ability to manage LinkedIn internal counter on the post (like for Twitter now)#218
  • IMPROVEMENTSSupport for videos in the Instagram feed#214
  • IMPROVEMENTSAdd close button for the Instagram feed pop-up on mobile#200
  • IMPROVEMENTSCreate a new global plugin deactivation option for all modules and components#153
  • IMPROVEMENTSAdd support for WhatsApp and other mobile messengers for UTM values#127
  • FixedThe hide on desktop option may not work on the sidebar display due to difference in the priority of load#243
  • FixedBlock counters from update on preview post mode as this sometimes lead to dummy counters#239
  • FixedDo not add the affiliate ID to the outgoing mail share links when the form is used#234
  • FixedFixed a problem with the color customizer of social profiles (not applying all the time custom colors)#220
  • FixedPHP Deprecated: Required parameter $class_name follows optional parameter $module (PHP 8)#217
  • FixedTwitter Cards showing escaped single and double quotes in the description#213
  • FixedShare via email does not send the affiliate link when integration with AffiliateWP plugin is running.#178