Included in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Everything You Need to Grow the Social Share of Your Website
Get access to powerful features for painless WordPress social sharing, without the high costs. With all the time and money you will save, it’s a product that pays for itself! Take a look at the list of major social sharing features.

Social Share Networks

  • 50+ of the most popular social sharing networks
  • Privacy safe share buttons
  • Custom share buttons can be added directly from the plugin settings (no coding is required)
  • Share content to the most popular mobile messaging applications.
  • Love this button
  • Subscribe to mailing list button
  • Display share counts (internal counters for networks that do not have an official share counter)
  • Show more networks button with different functions
  • Manage the list of active networks from the plugin settings
  • Control network usage and appearance for desktop and mobile
  • Ability to personalize the list of social networks for each display method
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Create Own Share Buttons Unique

If you need a network not listed inside the supported from the plugin you can easily add it. Just fill the options inside the plugin settings. No coding knowledge is required. You can add an unlimited number of custom networks.

The custom network can be used not just for share buttons. You can add any type of button to the sharing list – for example, visit your portfolio, call button, etc.

An unlimited number of custom buttons can be added.

More Social Networks Button

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  • Reveal all social networks after clicking the more button.

  • Open all or selected social networks in a pop-up window.

  • Two different working modes – as a more networks button or as a share button.

  • Perfect match the style of the selected template

  • 2 different icons in the “More Networks” button mode

  • 7 different icons for the share button mode

  • Option to show the total share counter when in share button mode.

Feature-Rich Share Counters

  • Automatic share counters for the networks that have API

  • Set the time between automatic share counter updates in the settings.

  • Internal share counters for networks without a share counter API

  • Can show internal share counters for all social networks

  • Different counter display positions with the share buttons

  • Share counter recovery when doing various URL changes (example: migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, changing permalink structure).

  • Avoid negative social proof – hide the share counter until a specific share value is reached

  • Ability to modify the internal share counters for each post or page

  • Fake share counters

Unique Social Share Button Styles

  • 50+ ready to use templates
  • Different button styles (icon only, name and icon, icon with pop-out name, name only, vertical button)
  • Various alignment options
  • Button size control with 6 pre-set sizes
  • 30+ eye-catching animations
  • Connected buttons (buttons without a space)
  • Flexible width controls
  • Display share buttons with or without a share counter (separate controls for individual and total counters are available).
  • There are numerous total and individual share counter styles.
  • Quick color replacements for the active template
  • Custom user template builder
  • Custom user CSS support

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