Advanced & Powerful Statistics

Get up-to-date stats on how your social sharing is performing.

All social media features you see blow are included without extra fee in each copy of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
Monitoring the social activity of your users is an essential part of any social media strategy, and is crucial to growing your profile across social networks. As the best social sharing plugin and the most comprehensive package on the market, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives you everything you need to monitor, analyze and optimize your social media interactions, without need to be a social media geek.

Track Engagement

Use the share button usage data to see how your visitors are engaging with your content.

Detailed Data for Network

Get advanced detailed data for performance of single network. Makes easy to choose the right networks for your site.

Positions Report

See how of used positions on site engage your visitors. Now you can easy find those that works best for you and eliminate the others.

Device Type Usage

Along with each data value, you can also see the usage by device type (desktop & mobile)

Historical Data

Get advanced reports for month or date. All data will be on a click.

Anonymous & Privacy Safe

If you enable the advanced analytics, all collected data is fully anonymous. The plugin does not store device information, IP address or any other visitor details. For analytics purpose, it will log only if that was mobile or desktop. Fully compatible with GDPR.

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