Must Have Social Media Features for Every WooCommerce Store

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress includes a dedicated WooCommerce integration offers unique share button display methods. Take the social sharing of your store on a next level.

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Have you capitalized on the full potential of social media in your WooCommerce store?

According to HubSpot.Com, people are 80% more likely to make a purchase if they got a referral from social media. 77% of B2C companies acquired customers through Facebook. 75% of Americans say that social media effects their purchasing decisions. The numbers speak for themselves — social media is a must for any business. But is your WooCommerce store using the full potential of social media?

Learn for the awesome social share display methods for your WooCommerce included in Easy Social Share Buttons.

Classic WooCommerce Product Share Buttons

The old but gold share buttons display below the “Add to Cart” button. The display method is easy recognizable and widely used on many stores. The display method can be used to show buttons with any style or template. This display you can use with few or many share buttons just buy changing the button style or using the “more” networks button. If you products does not feature a long descriptions than it is the right choice for you.

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Unique WooCommerce Social Share Bar

Are you ready to try something new? Than you can check the Social Share Product Bar for WooCommerce. The social bar is a unique in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress display method that can run on any store and on any theme. With a single click you will get a floating bar at the bottom of your product that will have a social share buttons and additional product information (with buy button). That professional looking share buttons display method can be really helpful for products with long description or themes with vertical placement. And it is really obvious why – you have at any time visible the product name, price, buy button and share buttons.

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Add Share Buttons to the Thank You for Your Order Page

Did you know that 70% of your customers that place order are ready to share the product on social media? Do not loose that potential social media leads. Just for that in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress we have an unique display method for social sharing plugin called “Thank You Share Buttons”. With the activation of that method you can get a personalized share buttons for each product that exists inside order. The display method works with any theme that uses the WooCommerce thank you functionality.

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