Must Have Social Media Features for Every WooCommerce Store

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress includes a dedicated WooCommerce integration offers unique share button display methods. Take the social sharing of your store on a next level.

Join 600,000+ smart website owners who use Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress to get more shares, likes, followers, and subscribers.

WooCommerce Product Sharing

WooCommerce Share Bar

WooCommerce Thank You Share

Enhance your WooCommerce store

Get unique WooCommerce optimized sharing buttons. Those buttons are made to combine the art of sharing with the purchase functionality at once.

Responsive Appearance

Each share button display position has responsive appearance controls. You can disable it on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Custom Code

Custom code includes fields for code above the display and below. Using those fields you can easily change the display method - ex.: CTA text (Share this), HTML code, CSS code.

Customize Share Button Styles

You can set up a fully custom share button display style on each position - separate and standalone from the global.

Custom Share Buttons

You can select a custom share buttons' list on each location where share buttons appear. Or leave the global selected.

Appearance Control Options

Most of the positions have additional options to control the appearance of different components. For example changing the position of the vertical float, colors or background colors of floating bars, etc.

Style Library

Each location has access to the Style Library. You can save and transfer styles. Or you can add one of the 40+ ready to use designs coming with the plugin.

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