Instantly Increase Conversions on your Website with Social Proof

Add sharing social proof notifications and immediately start growing your social conversions.

Social proof is the simple idea that consumers will adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing. If your visitors see that others are doing, they will be more likely to do the same. Simple but effective method to boost social shares.

Most Popular Features

Highly Engaging

Instantly boost the number of shares using the FOMO phenomenon.

Minimal Shares

Setup the minimal share value for network selection (avoid negative social proof).

Loop Notifications

Make messages constantly appear on screen with the loop option.

Instant Share Action

Provide instant share action with a direct click on the notification.

Delay Start

Setup a custom timeout before the notification starts appearing on the screen.

Pro Version Available

A pro version of the Social Proof Notifications is available. With pro version you get: advanced visual and display control, timers setup, additional FOMO notifications for followers, subscribers or WooCommerce purchase.

Add More Features With Social Proof Notifications Pro

Included in Easy Social Share Buttons
Separate paid add-on
Price FREE $25
Remove powered by text
Appear on the entire site
Appear on specific pages only (or disappear on)
Additional settings to control appearance on devices (mobile), visitor status, logged in status
Customize notification styles (colors)
Control interval in appearance Only before start Before start, stay on screen, interval between messages
Customize message
FOMO notifications for shares
FOMO notifications for social followers
FOMO notifications for subscribers
FOMO notifications for WooCommerce purchase

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