Why You Should Be Using Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress?

Use Social Media Features Anywhere

Besides the automatic display of share buttons, subscribe forms, social profile links with Easy Social Share Buttons' you have access to a large amount of 15 shortcodes. You can add social media features anywhere in the content of your website.

Social Share Buttons

[ social-share ]

Simple social share buttons

[ easy-social-share ]

Advanced social share buttons

[ easy-total-shares ]

Show total number of shares

[ share-action-button ]

Inline share start CTA button

[ social-share-display ]

Show custom postition/display

[ easy-popular-posts ]

Show top posts by social shares

Social Followers

[ easy-followers ]

Show social followers counter block

[ easy-followers-layout ]

Show social followers custom layout

[ easy-profiles ]

Social profile links

Subscribe Forms

[ easy-subscribe ]

Add subscribe to mailing list form

Pinterest & Twitter

[ pinterest-image ]

Add image with Pin button and custom share quote

[ pinterest-gallery ]

Add image gallery with Pin button

[ sharable-quote ]

Add a click to tweet quote


Add Instagram feed for user or hashtag

[ instagram-image ]

Embedding single Instagram image

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