Build & Display Your Social Following With Style

No matter how big is your site it is becoming more and more important to build and retain a social following. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress lets you display all of your social profiles follow counts.

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Followers Sidebar Included

Quickly display social followers counter as floating sidebar. No need to be a rocket scientist – its just a few clicks.

Awesome Custom Layout Builder

A new way to build unique visual presentation of your followers counter.
  • Light or dark cover design
  • Custom title and subtitle with shortcode support
  • Custom profile image
  • Support all visual options of the followers counter
  • Assign personal width for each network button

Most Popular Features

19 Templates

The largest set of templates that is available out of the box in a social followers counter.

Different Columns

Place share buttons in up to 6 columns in a row. On each instance of buttons, you can choose a different layout.

Automatic & Manual Values

Most of the social networks support automatic social followers counter update. For all others, you can set a manual own value (and you can do this even for those with automatic values).

Floating Sidebar

Quickly display social followers counter as floating sidebar. No need to be a rocket scientist – its just a few clicks.

Social Author Box

Add social followers counter as an author box below the content of each post on your website.

Custom Layout Builder

Build own grid with network placement. You can choose individually for each of the used networks.

Eye Catching Animations

Automatically apply one of the 8 attention grabbing icon animations.

Widgets & Shortcodes

Easy place manually inside content with the help of widgets and shortcodes.

Unique Designs

With all the available design options you can easily make the followers counter bar be tight part of your site.

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