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Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is developed to be a complete social media plugin. It's build to increase your share, grow your followers, get new subscribers, or communicate with your visitors and customers. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is carefully built with performance in mind and won’t slow down your site.
Lifetime License (no monthly or year fees)
Lifetime Automatic Plugin Updates
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GDPR Compliant
Lightning Fast Modular Architecture
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More Than Just WordPress Share Buttons. It's a Complete Social Media Plugin for Any Type of Users - From Beginners to Professionals.

Easy Social Share Buttons is the #1 most powerful social media WordPress plugin. With minimal setup, you can get impressive results. Here's why WordPress users and Business owners love Easy Social Share Buttons, and you will too!
Social Share Buttons

Add awesome looking and feature-rich social share buttons on your website. No coding required!

Unique Share Buttons’ Display

With Easy Social Share Buttons you have 25+ automatic share buttons’ display. The social share buttons looking awesome on any device.

WooCommerce Social Sharing

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress includes a dedicated WooCommerce integration offers unique share button display methods.

Social Share Count Recovery

Automatically recover all of your previous social share counts that might have been lost during a permalink change (for example move to HTTPS, change domain).

Affiliate Integration

Automatically generate referral links with AffiliateWP plugin or reward users for clicking on share buttons via the myCred plugin.

Click to Tweet

Easily promote your awesome content with nice-looking sharable quotes. You can use one of 5 designs or create your own via the design-builder.

Pinterest Image Hover Pins

imple and efficient way to get new Pins for your site is adding a button all your content images. With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can do this automatically. The design of the Pin button is highly flexible.

Advanced & Powerful Statistics

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives you everything you need to monitor, analyze and optimize your social media interactions, without need to be a social media geek.

Match Your Branding

Every site is different and you should have options. Novashare lets you match your WordPress site’s branding with just a few simple clicks.

Follow / Profile Widgets

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress lets you display all of your social profiles follow counts. And you also have access to a regular profile link buttons that you can place anywhere on your WordPress site.

Subscribe Forms

Easy add subscribe to mailing list forms to 12 services. 9 ready-to-use designs with customizer or your form builder are available. Various methods to add to your website including pop-ups, fly-ins, or automatic below content.

Social Proof Notifications

Social proof is the simple idea that consumers will adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing. If your visitors see that others are doing, they will be more likely to do the same. Simple but effective method to boost social shares.

Social Chat

Easy contact with your visitors using the included different chat options. You can use Facebook Messenger Live Chat, Skype Live Chat or the Click to Chat to WhatsApp and Viber

Social Contact

Easy and eye-catching contact buttons for your website. Let visitors or customers get in touch with you at any time. You can choose between the most popular messaging apps (one or all): Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Phone, Email, or SMS.

Instagram Feed

With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can easily add feed for profile on-site with shortcode, Elementor widget, pop-up or authorbox.


Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is GDPR-friendly, with no additional configuration needed. Our plugin doesn’t use trackers, or collect personally identifiable information (PII) data of any kind.

Lightning & Fast

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress features a modern module code structure. This allows loading code for features you only use and enable on your website. And you can specify parts of the site where it will load only (if you disable the homepage, the plugin won't load in there).

7+ Years of Ongoing Evolution

Trust one of the first and well know social media plugins for WordPress. We are continuously releasing new features and improve the plugin over these years.

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Top 5 Reasons People Love Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the perfect WordPress social media plugin for YOU. Here's why over 600,000+ smart business owners, designers, developers or regular users love Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, and you will too!

The Most Complete Social Media Plugin for WordPress

The most feature-packed social media plugin for WordPress. With a single plugin, you can save up to $299 from the purchase of additional WordPress plugins

  • Social Share Buttons 
  • Social Followers Counter & Profile Links
  • Subscribe to Mailing List Forms
  • Instagram Feed
  • FOMO Notifications 
  • Facebook Messenger, Skype, Click to Chat 
  • Analytics & Optimization Tools
  • AffiliateWP & myCred Integration
  • Build Own Template, Share Buttons, Custom Displays & Integrations
  • Social Contact (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Email, SMS, Phone)

Easy to Customize to Match Your Brand. No Coding or Design Skills Required

Easily customize the work and design of plugin components directly from the settings. No need to use actions, filters, or do custom coding. You can easily customize the designs to further match your brand style and identity with just a few clicks.

Advanced Optimizations & Analytics Included

Easily optimize your share message in the way you wish users to see it. You don’t need to be a social media expert to do that. No extra knowledge is required – only to follow the human-readable messages on screen.

Monitoring the social activity of your users is an essential part of any social media strategy, and is crucial to growing your profile across social networks. As the best social sharing plugin and the most comprehensive package on the market, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives you everything you need to monitor, analyze and optimize your social media interactions, without the need to be a social media geek.

Lifetime License With Lifetime Automatic Updates

Each purchase of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress comes with a lifetime usage license and lifetime automatic updates. You don’t need to pay again in a year or month to continue using our latest version with all new features.

Top Rated Plugin + Exceptional Customer Support

Over 600,000 websites use our software to grow their traffic and revenue.

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