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Easy and eye-catching social profiles link buttons for your website.

Join 600,000+ smart website owners who use Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress to get more shares, likes, followers, and subscribers.

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Floating Sidebar Unique

With a few clicks show the social profile links as a floating sidebar anywhere on your website. 

  • The left or right edge of the screen
  • All templates, styles and animations
  • Automatically hide on mobile devices
  • Vertical alignment

Social Author Box Unique

Automatically place the social profile links below the content of each post on your website. Replace the default author box with awesome-looking social profile links to get more followers.

Unlimited Custom Buttons Unique

Easily create an unlimited number of custom social profile buttons. Directly inside plugin settings using just a few clicks you can add a network that is not available or a custom button for your needs. No need to be an expert – set name, icon, and color and that’s all.

All custom-built buttons seamlessly integrate inside the style settings of the module and will be available with all existing templates and animations.

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