Included in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Social Profile Links for WordPress

Create Awesome Looking Social Profile Links
Easily add beautiful social profile link buttons to your WordPress site. Let users quickly connect with you on your favorite social media networks. Easy match your WordPress site’s branding with a few simple steps in Easy Social Share Buttons.

Add Beautiful Profile Links

With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, you can easily social profile links. Add awesome looking buttons anywhere on your website using shortcode, Block Editor element, Elementor widget, or automatic display methods.

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Unlimited Custom Buttons Unique

Easily create an unlimited number of custom social profile buttons. Directly inside plugin settings using just a few clicks you can add a network that is not available or a custom button for your needs. No need to be an expert – set name, icon, and color and that’s all. All custom-built buttons seamlessly integrate inside the style settings of the module and will be available with all existing templates and animations.

An extended version of the social profile links is also included in the plugin. It’s called “Social Followers Counter”. With the social followers counter you can create profile links and show the number of social followers. Click the button below to find out more.

Floating Sidebar Unique

With a few clicks show the social profile links as a floating sidebar anywhere on your website. 
  • The left or right edge of the screen
  • All templates, styles and animations
  • Automatically hide on mobile devices
  • Vertical alignment

Social Author Box Unique

Automatically place the social profile links below the content of each post on your website. Replace the default author box with awesome-looking social profile links to get more followers.

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