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Switch to Easy Social Share Buttons and See Why 600,000 Websites Trust Our WordPress Plugin

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress give you the powerful features you need to grow your social media presence. See how our features compare to other products. In this comparison chart, we'll focus specifically on the advantages of using Easy Social Share Buttons over our competitors.

Top Reasons Why You Should Be Using Easy Social Share Buttons

Unique Features Included in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
  • Lifetime license
    No more monthly or yearly fees. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress come with a lifetime license, lifetime updates, and support.

  • Unlimited Design Options 
    With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, you receive endless design combinations for share buttons, profile links, followers counters, or subscribe forms. Custom template builder and custom subscribe form designs are also included in the plugin settings.

  • Enable or Disable Functions
    A unique modular structure allows you to leave only the features you will use. You can completely disable modules that you won’t use right now and enable the feature if needed.

  • WooCommerce Share Buttons
    Dedicated integration with WooCommerce to display share buttons at the most converting locations.

  • Add Your Own Networks
    Add new social networks to the sharing or profile links directly from the plugin settings. There is no need to write a single line of code.

  • Add Custom Display Methods
    Create custom display methods for the share buttons directly from the plugin settings. You can place those custom methods anywhere in the content with a shortcode, WordPress Block Editor, Elementor widget, function call, or map existing actions or filters.

  • Advanced Analytic Tools
    With the help of advanced internal analytics and built-in conversion tracking, you can easily optimize your share buttons or subscribe forms.

  • After Share Actions
    After share actions are an important way of engaging active users with your site and content, increasing your social following, populating your mailing list, or running your own code.

  • Unique Display Methods To Boost Shares And Subscribers
    Beyond the traditional display methods, with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, you get a large set of unique social share button display methods. The primary purpose is to boost the shares on your website. You also get an automated subscription form display methods that can easily grow the subscribers on your mailing list.

Easy Social Share Buttons
Social Snap
Social Warfare
Free Plugins
Price for 1 website
$22 one time
$39 per year
$24.95per year
$29per year
$89per year
Lifetime support
Lifetime updates
One-time payment
Enable or disable different plugin modules from the settings If a feature is deactivated you won't see it in the plugins menu and the code won't load (including static assets). You can turn it on later if you need it.
Supported social share networks
Adding new social share networks from the plugin settings Unique
Automatic social share buttons' display methods
Create custom display methods from the plugin settings Unique
Customize the share buttons' design (shape, size, colors)
Advanced share buttons' visual customizations (alignment, animations, templates)
Advanced display method adjustments (appearance, social networks, display by device, sharing buttons' design, sharing buttons' visual styles)
Responsive share buttons on mobile devices
Customize sharing information for social networks (including custom Tweets or Pins)
Generate WooCommerce products' social media optimization tags Generate additional optimization tags for WooCommerce products including availability, price, condition, gallery images, SKU code.
Share counters for all networks
Short URLs for sharing,, rebrandly, Premium URL Shortener
Short URLs for sharing are compatible with Google Analytics network tracking or affiliate plugin integration Unique
Advanced analytics for share buttons GDPR compatible analytics for share buttons' usage. Collect information with each click on the share buttons and display it in a user-friendly dashboard.
Conversion tracking for share buttons usage Unique GDRP compatible conversion tracking for share buttons. Collect information for displayed networks and button positions. Collect clicks on the share buttons and display a percent of conversion for each network, position, network in a position, and device type. User-friendly method of optimization of the used networks and positions on the website.
UTM tracking in Google Analytics
Pinterest share button for the content images
After sharing actions to engage the visitors Unique Display various after-share actions to interact with the engaged users. The actions can be: connect with social profiles, subscribe to mailing list form, custom HTML content, custom Javascript code.
Avoid negative social proof Hide the share counters until a pre-set value is reached.
Share counter recovery Recover the shares from the social networks after a change of the URLs. Example: switch from HTTP to HTTPS.
WooCommerce optimized sharing Dedicated WooCommerce sharing display methods: share buttons next to price, WooCommerce share bar, share products after purchase.
Fake share counters
AffiliateWP & myCred integration
Personal template builder for share buttons
Social profile link buttons
Social followers counter The social followers counter buttons are similar to the social profile links, but they display the number of followers (likes). For networks where possible the value is updated automatically. For all networks, you can set a manual number of followers.
Adding new social networks from the plugin settings Unique
Automatically display social links as a floating sidebar or after content bar Unique
Subscribe to mailing list forms with direct service integration
Creating custom designs for subscribe forms (or customize the 9 built-in designs)
Subscribe to the mailing list button in the share buttons list (automatically opening a form)
Automatically display subscribe forms as fly-in, pop-up or content bar
Lock page content until subscribe to the mailing list Unique Display a content overlay blocking reading with a subscribe form. The visitor can remove the overlay only with a successful subscription to the mailing list.
Conversion tracking for subscribe forms usage Unique GDRP compatible conversion tracking for subscribe forms. Log the number of displays of each form and the performed actions (success or fail). Display the information in a user-friendly dashboard.
Click to Chat (WhatsApp, Viber, Email, SMS)
Instagram feed
FOMO Notifications for sharing
Social Contact (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Email, SMS, Phone)
Shortcodes for the different components
WordPress block editor elements
Elementor widgets
JetListing integration
Map actions or filters by the theme or other plugins to display share buttons directly from the plugin settings
Can be bundled in a WordPress theme or WordPress product for sale
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