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How to add Click to Tweet boxes

The click to tweet functions can be hidden in your menu. If so the module is deactivated and you need to enable it from the Activate/Deactivate features. Learn more about feature activation and deactivation here.

General Setup

The general setup includes options that will be used for all quote blocks on site. Those options you can find in Social Sharing -> Click to Tweet.

[Sharing -> Click to Tweet] How to add Click to Tweet boxes and customize settings (Sharable Quotes) 1

  • Default @username – this will be the default Twitter username that plugin will automatically append to the Tweet if nothing is specified in the shortcode. If you are using just one (example: site username), you can set it here for faster quote building.
  • Default #hashtags – this will be default hashtags that plugin will add to the quotes if nothing is provided in the shortcode.
  • Hide on mobile – this will automatically hide all quotes on mobile.
  • Automatically include the page link – this option will automatically add the current post/page link to the Tweet. If the option is enabled, the plugin will not check the Tweet content for any custom links. 
  • Default template – set the default template for the entire site. You are able to choose a different template on the quotes shortcode too.

Adding Sharable Quote Using Block Editor

Adding Sharable Quote In Elementor

Adding Sharable Quote Inside The Content

Use the sharable-quote shortcode. Example: [ sharable-quote tweet=”This is my custom tweet” url=”” user=”appscreo” hashtags=”wordpress,blogging” ]

Contact Support When You Need Them

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