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How to customize the sharing information

To personalize shared information to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other networks you need to use Open Graph meta tags. Those tags are designed to communicate information about your website to Social Media sites when links to your site are shared. These tags allow you to craft custom titles, descriptions, and images to be used when your pages are shared.

Learn more about the tag activation and setup in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress automatically generate the sharing information for all networks using the post details – title, excerpt, and featured image. You can customize those details only if you need to tune the sharing information (otherwise you can use the automatically generated). 

The fields to customize the share details are available on each post, page, or custom post type where share buttons are enabled for display (just below the content).

Change the Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. sharing the message

Most social networks use social media tags to customize the sharing message. Those are a tiny piece of code that provides information for the page like title, description, image, etc. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress generate those tags automatically using the existing post information. You can change those on each post or page.

Change the Tweet (Twitter)

You can change the Tweet separately from other social media tags. You can also customize the global hashtags and users on each post.

Pinterest Image

The plugin allows picking a specific Pinterest image for sharing. Along with a custom description. The custom image can be chosen only if the Pin button mode is not to share any image of your website (but a specific image only). Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress can also do repinning of an existing pin if you set the ID.

The customizations of the image and description initially are used by the Pinterest share button. But they can also take part in the Pinterest Pro image button (if used).

Custom Sharing Message

The custom share message panel contains fields to modify the core share parameters. What you should know is even you see all fields, social networks do not support all. For example, Facebook accepts only URLs (so changes in the other fields won’t reflect).


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