• (update) Updated mail form security checks to avoid possible unrestricted mail send
  • (update) Security update for a possible XSS vulnerability

version 2.0.5

  • (update) Update Facebook API for getting shared counter

version 2.0.4

  • (update) Update Pinterest API for fans counter to avoid missing counter value on some instances
  • (fix) Fix problem with not saving option in migrate to SSL in Administrative Options
  • (fix) Fix issue with the After Share code field

version 2.0.3

  • (new) Option to limit Post Vertical Float to enter footer of site
  • (new) Option to easy-social-share shortcode to display it only on mobile devices (only_mobile=”yes”)
  • (new) Deactivate After Social Share actions for mobile devices
  • (new) Select option to show after share action after specific time and avoid display on every page load
  • (new) New counter position inside before network names
  • (new) 2 new total counter positions included with option for custom text – before social share buttons and after social share buttons
  • (new) iThemes Exchange Support added
  • (new) After share close action can be turned off once appear for a selected days for current user
  • (new) Option to set different mail button function for mobile device
  • (new) myCred integration support custom point groups
  • (new) Extended WooCommerce support with added display at the bottom of product page or at the top of product page
  • (new) Google Analytics Campaign Tracking code can be personalized for each post/page (variable {network} to allow personalization for each social network)
  • (new) Option to make plugin always share http version of post address when migrate to https
  • (update) Updated share counter to use Facebook API 2
  • (update) When popup is used now the dialog can close when you click outside it
  • (update) Updated Facebook Like button to allow share after pressing Like
  • (update) Added option to turn off cache of short urls
  • (update) Improvements in cache module
  • (update) Updated links to knowledge base in plugin settings
  • (update) Updated Visual Composer element to handle the new shortcode functions for share buttons (counter positions, templates)
  • (fix) Fixed problem with mobile options and build in cache module
  • (fix) Fixed problem when sometimes the negative social counter hide does not work properly
  • (fix) Fixed problem with quotes in after share action messages
  • (fix) Fixed Fans counter total site loves taking not active Posts, Comments or Users count
  • (fix) Twitter card not including post featured image when active type Summary With Large Image
  • (fix) Fixed localization problem with love this button
  • (fix) Fixed notice message that appears in Click Stats screen
  • (fix) Fixed problem with advanced display methods and new templates
  • (fix) Fixed problem with mobile settings and new templates
  • (fix) Fixed problem with mailto command and Google Analytics tracking plugins
  • (fix) Fixed problem with WhatsApp encoding of special characters
  • (fix) Fixed problem with not loaded sometime API’s for social networks
  • (fix) Fixed problem with clean buttons method (options were crossed).
  • (fix) Fixed problem with WhatsApps shorturl provider not saved in settings
  • (fix) fixed problem with non latin chars option and WhatsApp
  • (fix) Fixed typo in default mail message after initial plugin install
  • (fix) Fixed in mail send the issue with quotes
  • (fix) Fixed problem with mail message button and non latin chars address
  • (fix) Fixed problem with mailto link and quotes

version 2.0.2

  • (fix) Fixed problem with short url cache when sometimes returns blank url
  • (fix) Fixed problem with https load of cache resources when default WordPress installation is not made on https
  • (fix) Fixed problem with advanced share message on post/page which was not taken correctly

version 2.0

  • (new) After share close module include with otpion to display like/follow buttons, custom html (ex: subsribe form) or custom user javascript code
  • (new) Social Image Share module included with option to share on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter
  • (new) myCred integration
  • (new) Social Privacy included (requires page reload as it uses cookies to store user choice)
  • (new) Option to rearrange the native buttons from plugin settings
  • (new) Build In cache module supporting caching of dynamic resources (javascript and CSS), buttons render, combining static CSS into single
  • (new) 7 new templates included Circles (Retina), Blocks (Retina), Grey Circles (Retina), Grey Blocks (Retina), Dark (Retina), Clear (Retina), Copy (Retina)
  • (new) 4 animations available to share buttons
  • (new) New counter position bottom added
  • (new) Internal counter for all networks that does not have access to counter API (activated with option)
  • (new) Option to include Twitter username in Buffer share message with via parameter
  • (new) Option to get page with query string params
  • (new) Option to load scripts deferred
  • (new) Option to decativate button display on home page or deactivate button styles on homepage
  • (new) Option to share post with url parameters
  • (new) Option to turn off editing of send to mail message from users
  • (new) Post vertical float bar can be displayed afrer amount of conent is viewed
  • (new) Option to set max width of buttons container in full width button display mode to allow usage of total counter
  • (new) Option to display buttons without icons
  • (new) Quick settings apply screen – allows you easy to activate settings with one click
  • (new) Quick fix screen – applies settings change for most common issues
  • (new) Display share button counter when a specific amount of shares is reached
  • (new) Use domain in short url options for
  • (new) Added Steam, Flickr Groups, Total Site Fans to social fans counter
  • (new) Added Google Campaign Tracking Code option in settings
  • (new) Option to provide customized message before share buttons
  • (new) New shortcode generator added
  • (new) New display method included Flyin
  • (new) Option to provide custom home page display method
  • (new) Included option in admin to turm off FontAwsome icon load
  • (new) Included in customizer options to change the style of total counter
  • (update) Updated popup to allow hide on all pages
  • (update) Updated Fans Counter Facebook to allow connection with or without API key
  • (update) Added url parameter to posts and comments fans counter buttons
  • (update) Updated Fans Counter font
  • (update) Updated and improved stats dashboard
  • (update) Updated configuration wizard
  • (update) Update admin interface
  • (update) Added to
    shortcode parameter order to allow provide custom order of buttons
  • (update) Post vertical float bar is displayed from content bottom with fixed initial top position
  • (update) Updated shortcodes to have parameter hide_mobile to allow do not display on mobile devices
  • (update) Updated YouTube subscribe button to use channel id – please update existing settings and shortcodes to channel ID
  • (update) When float from top buttons remain same width as the originally displayed on post
  • (update) Added again clean buttons from excerpts with action remove
  • (update) Sidebar is always loaded from page footer
  • (update) Added to excerpt load handle for custom priority provided by user
  • (update) Short URL is now cached in post meta for faster performance
  • (update) Included option in administrative section to fix counter problem with limited cURL installations
  • (update) Easy Social Metrics has second method of data extraction
  • (update) Updated Easy Social Metrics Lite scheduler
  • (update) Updated Advanced share message to parse in Tweet variables that are available in mail screen
  • (update) Updated Advanced share message to allow WhatsApp use message field
  • (update) Updated Google Universal Analytics trackcode to include URL
  • (fix) Fix the problem with econding of mail message when mailto option is used
  • (fix) Fixed problem with not showing multiple widgets
  • (fix) Fixed problem with unified shortcode true/yes options
  • (fix) Fixed problem when sometimes button are not deactivated on mobile
  • (fix) Fix the whatsapp problem with + instead of space symbol (encoded as %20)
  • (fix) Fix the not possible deactivation of another display method on mobile for post float
  • (fix) Fix the ‘ appearance in Facebook Open Graph tags
  • (fix) Fix problem with float from top
  • (fix) Fix urlencode problem with Whatsapp
  • (fix) Fix prolbme when mailer code sometimes not included when sidebar is used
  • (fix) Fix problem with Twitter share short option when Facebook Advanced sharing is used
  • (fix) Fix Tumblr fan counter not working on some installations
  • (fix) Fix missing love you code when included from shortcode in template
  • (fix) Fix validation errors


  • (new) Tumblr support in fans counter included
  • (new) Fans counter color customizer included in Style Settings
  • (new) New automatic display method included: Content Inline
  • (new) Advanced display options for mobile devices included
  • (new) Top social posts widget included (requires Easy Social Metrics Lite to be active)
  • (new) New social network included: WhatsApp
  • (new) New social network included: Meneame
  • (new) Google+ native follow button
  • (new) LinkedIn native follow button
  • (new) Facebook native follow button
  • (new) Ability to use different templates for each instance of buttons on same page/post (also option to set the template from shortcode)
  • (new) Counter support included for:, Xing and Pocket
  • (new) Cache counters option for Mail, Print and Love buttons that are self served from post meta data
  • (new) Optiont to change default priority of buttons call
  • (new) On post option to customize Tweet Message
  • (new) Google Analytics click tracking included (simple and extended)
  • (new) Included JigoShop support
  • (update) Updated Admin interface for easy work
  • (update) Moved YouTube and Pinterets Follow to async load mode
  • (update) Included option to load Facebook API async mode
  • (update) Performance updates of code
  • (update) Moved to Facebook SDK 2.0
  • (update) Moved to new Google+ SDK
  • (update) [ easy-social-like ] shortcode support follow buttons that are included
  • (update) Updated admin panel with additional links for easy usage of extended options
  • (update) Updated send mail code to be lighter
  • (update) Updated Visual Composer elements to support latest changes
  • (update) Unified true/yes parameters in shortcodes
  • (fix) Fix issue with total counter when different position of counters are used (thanks to martieda)
  • (fix) Fix issue with Fans Counter CSS and W3 Total Cache minifier
  • (fix) Fix issue with undefined text appears in total counter
  • (fix) Fix issue with theme customizer that only active in main option buttons where changed (not all)


  • (fix) No button appearance issue
  • (fix) Issue with total counter shortcode on archive/index pages


  • (new) Easy Social Share Buttons widget included
  • (new) More button added with option to show all active buttons after more or show all networks as popup or only active networks as popup
  • (new) Hide total counter until specified value of shares is reached
  • (new) Added counters to mail and print button
  • (new) Added to Social Fans Counter support for, RSS Feed, MailChimp, LinkedIn Company Followers, Posts, Comments, Users
  • (new) New template to Social Fans Counter Tiny
  • (new) New template to social share buttons Tiny (Retina)
  • (new) New template to social share buttons Round (Retina)
  • (new) New template to social share buttons Modern (Retina)
  • (new) Added new counter position Inside button with network name
  • (new) Extended settings for display position to provide options for counters
  • (new) Cache for counters that are not have API calls
  • (new) Force clean buttons from excerpt when used from another plugins
  • (new) SVG images for all retina templates
  • (new) Option to make Twitter count full post URL when using short urls
  • (new) Extended options for bottom sidebar display method added – change background color, align of buttons, option to show after percent viewed content
  • (new) Added top sidebar display option with advanced options – change background color, align of buttons, option to show after percent viewed content
  • (new) Extended options of popup display: added message above buttons, window width, text translation, option for manual display, option not to show again for 7 days on current post/page, option to display after percent of page/post is viewed
  • (new) Added top and bottom sidebar as possible mobile display methods
  • (new) Added switch to easy mode options – turn on only most common used options on screen
  • (new) Added configuration wizard to guide you for most commonly used options
  • (new) Ready made configurations included for Mashable style, Upworthy style and our main demo style
  • (new) Mail button can use build form and mailto link
  • (update) Added to float from top option to set top position when using WordPress admin bar for logged in users
  • (update) Extended options to display in excerpt with option to choose position
  • (update) Force plugin to get current post/page
  • (update) Updated Easy Social Fans Counter render engine for faster widget generation
  • (update) Twitter closes window after Tweet
  • (update) Added featured image to mail message with usage of %%image%% variable
  • (update) List of networks in shortcode is used as order to display them
  • (update) When no Facebook Application ID is set in cofiguration plugin always uses simple Facebook sharing
  • (update) Moved mail form javascript to footer
  • (update) Included full width option correction value for mobile devices
  • (fix) Added handle for ‘ symbol in mail message and title
  • (fix) Fixed issue with Total Share shortcode and love this when love this is not enabled
  • (fix) Fixed undefined text issue in total count text
  • (fix) Love this not properly count when displayed in excerpt
  • (fix) Native Twitter Tweet button does not take short url
  • (fix) Issue with nextpost and Google Analytics options
  • (fix) Issue with both display method and custom display position settings
  • (fix) Issue when sometimes language for Facebook buttons is not applied properly
  • (fix) Network names are always hidden when counter position is inside but counters are not active


  • (new) Option to customize text for big total counters from admin
  • (new) Customize buttons for each button position
  • (new) Easy Social Metrics Lite module included
  • (new) Customize share settings for each post type
  • (new) Option to show Post Vertical Float as another display method
  • (new) 4 new counter styles added
  • (new) New display method – Post Vertical Float with advanced options
  • (new) CSS Builder to reduce time for custom CSS code generation
  • (new) Option to turn off Easy Social Share Buttons Advanced Options
  • (new) Option to turn off shorturl on Stumble
  • (new) Added support for in share buttons
  • (new) New option for share with non latin characters
  • (new) Added 3 new locations to insert buttons for WP e-Commerce
  • (fix) Issue with click stats and print button
  • (fix) Networks pop when don’t pop is activated in some cases


  • (new) Option to turn off modules Easy Social Fans Counter or Love this button if you do not use then (for better performance)
  • (new) Option to activate counter in sidebar
  • (new) Visual options to correct Facebook like button top, height and width
  • (fix) Issue with 404 Page where buttons provide notices
  • (fix) Send mail form has placeholders that did not translate
  • (fix) issue with like top, share buttom when notices are displayed


  • (new) Added support for
  • (new) Total Shares Counter shortcode included and Visual Composer element (easy-total-shares)
  • (new) Fixed width buttons
  • (new) Option to extract fully rendered content in description in Social Share Optimization when you use page builder or shortcodes in content
  • (new) Added option to display from shortcode as float bar
  • (new) (beta) Option to use wpMandrill for send messages
  • (new) Message above share and like buttons support html and variable for post title and post address
  • (new) Option to hide buttons on all mobile devices
  • (new) Option to load scripts in head
  • (new) option to choose short url service in twitter share url address
  • (new) Added option to translate message send result
  • (new) Social Fans Counter can extract G+ follow counts using API key (stable and fastest method)
  • (fix) Issue with # in Twitter share message
  • (fix) Socail click log and analytics does not count when shortcode is used
  • (fix) Issue with shortcode and counter_pos parameter
  • (fix) Issue with Visual composer item and sidebar parameters
  • (fix) Issue with full width buttons and like/share and share/like display methods
  • (fix) Issue when social fan counters not update in some cases


  • (new) Visual Composer integration added – Easy Social Share Buttons, Simple Native Social Like and Subscribe Buttons, Advanced Social Like and Subscribe Buttons, Easy Social Fans Counter
  • (new) Metro template to skinned native buttons
  • (new) Added Pinterest Pin button to native like and subscribe buttons
  • (new) Added Twitter Tweet button to native like and subscribe buttons
  • (new) Option to hide network names on mobile devices only
  • (new) 3 new shortcodes for advanced share added [ easy-social-like ], [ easy-social-share ], [ essb-fans ]
  • (new) Option to personalize button text with shortcode
  • (fix) Fixed issue with height of panel where native buttons are displayed
  • (fix) General CSS fixes and improvements


  • (new) Function to skin native like and subscribe buttons – see demo here
  • (new) Mail captcha option to send mail form. To activate it you need to enter question and answer where mail options are
  • (new) Added new social network to share buttons Flattr
  • (new) Added to native like and subscribe buttons
  • (new) Added Pinterest to fan counters
  • (new) Added Total site loves to fan counters
  • (new) Added option to turn off additional display methods on mobile
  • (update) Width of fan counters can be set in percents
  • (update) Code performance improvements
  • (fix) Fixed issue with rename network names and quotes
  • (fix) Fixed CSS issues
  • (fix) Fixed alignment issue with native like buttons on some themes
  • (fix) Fixed fan counters not refreshing in some cases after cache expire
  • (fix) Fixed issue with Google+ followers
  • (fix) Fixed problem with TwitterAPIExchange class if loaded from another plugin

version 1.3.9

  • (new) Easy Social Fans Counter included with support for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Dribbble, Github, Envato, SoundCloud, Behance, Delicious, Instagram


  • (fix) Added fix for problem when hosts set restriction (safe_mode or open_basedir)
  • (new) Added alternative render method for mobile devices
  • (fix) Pinterest API is now loaded from secure server


  • (new) Option to change Facebook Like button width from Plugin Options
  • (new) Option to use pre minified javascript and css files to improve page load
  • (new) Love you button has messages for loved and already loved
  • (fix) Counters are extracted from secure address where possible
  • (fix) Pinterest sniff for images issue with Internet Explorer

version 1.3.8

  • (new) Added support for Weibo
  • (new) Added support for Xing
  • (new) Added support for Pocket
  • (new) Localization of send mail form
  • (new) Message and subject in mail form are editable by user
  • (fix) Changes in Social Sharing Optimization


  • (fix) Issue with buttons not showing in some templates
  • (fix) Set CURL to use IPv4 because of many errors with IPv6 protocol in hosts
  • (fix) Added second way to float buttons with javascript
  • (new) Added support for og:video


  • (fix) Excerpt issue when using other SMO or SEO plugins
  • (fix) Open Graph tags are set to read first excerpt and the force generate

version 1.3.7

  • (new) Template customizer – change colors or icons of template from admin options
  • (new) Full width buttons for default display methods
  • (fix) Automatic update of love button counter on click
  • (fix) Love button was not handled by click log function

version 1.3.6

  • (new) Added support for Delicious
  • (new) Added support for Buffer
  • (new) Added support for Love You Button

version 1.3.5

  • (new) Added support for Reddit
  • (new) Social Share Optimization meta tags – Open Graph and Twitter Cards
  • (new) Option automatically to display another instance of buttons as popup or sidebar
  • (new) support for short urls
  • (fix) Fix in description meta tag generation

version 1.3.4

  • (fix) Fix issue with on post/page settings conflict with other plugins

version 1.3.3

  • (fix) Fix issue with Google Analytics for WordPress plugin which breaks share
  • (new) Automatic plugin updates from version 1.3.3 added

version 1.3.2

  • (new) New admin panel
  • (new) Advanced Custom Share options
  • (new) Option to hide buttons on low resolution mobile devices

version 1.3.1

  • (new) New template Flat (Retina)
  • (new) Option to load counters with admin-ajax call
  • (new) Administrative options to hide navbar menu or move plugin options inside settings menu
  • (new) Option to position share buttons (Left, Right or Center)
  • (new) Option to share short url in Twitter share
  • (update) Update Google+ share icon in all themes to avoid confusion with AddThis
  • (fix) Performance updates

version 1.3.0

version 1.2.9

  • (fix) Important update of Facebook Share – strongly advice all customers to update to version 1.2.9 to avoid issues with Facebook Share.

version 1.2.8

  • (new) Sticky sidebar
  • (new) Display counters inside buttons
  • (fix) Issue with localization settings

version 1.2.7

  • (new) Option automatically to generate Open Graph meta tags
  • (update) Performance updates

version 1.2.6

  • (new) bbPress and BuddyPress support added

version 1.2.5

  • (new) Click log and statistics for share buttons

version 1.2.4

  • (fix) Added option to choose which counter to be displayed with Facebook Share – share_count or total_count
  • (fix) Issue with Facebook Share and themes that uses shortcodes [title] and [image]
  • (fix) Option to use current Open Graph Tags form site in Facebook Share
  • (new) Import/Export settings
  • (new) Function calls to temporary disable share buttons for themes that uses own excerpt generation

version 1.2.3

  • (new)YouTube Subscribe button
  • (new)Pinterest Follow button
  • (fixed) Issue with not proper render in new display methods from 1.2.2 on some themes

version 1.2.2

  • (new) 2 new display methods – Share top/Like bottom and Like top/Share bottom
  • (fixed) Double mail form popup when displayed top and bottom

version 1.2.1

  • (new) Powerful Shortcode Generator
  • (new) Custom page/post like/share addresses

version 1.2.0

version 1.1.9

  • (new) Custom Facebook Like Button address and Google+ button address
  • (fix) WooCommerce always showing share buttons
  • (update) Option to display buttons in excerpts (by default is turned off)

version 1.1.8

  • (new) Added options to Twitter sharing for passing Twitter username and hashtags
  • (fix) Fix counter not showing proper total value when counters are displayed right
  • (new) Option to hide total counter
  • (fix) Added option to fix issue when Twitter share doesn’t work proper – reloading same page
  • (fix) General CSS optimizations

version 1.1.7

  • (new) Option to display sidebar on left, right or bottom
  • (new) Change float bar background color
  • (new) Display counters on the right
  • (update) Update plugin settings GUI

version 1.1.6

  • (new) Display popup window after amount of seconds
  • (new) Display popup window from shortcode
  • (fix) Twitter issue when opens share window twice

version 1.1.5

  • (new) Display as popup window
  • (new) Localization of text messages
  • (fix) Pinterest sniff for images issue on some templates

version 1.1.4

  • – (new) Rename texts for network names
  • – (new) Show or hide counters for native social buttons
  • – (new) Custom like address for native social buttons
  • – (new) Custom texts above share or like buttons

version 1.1.3

  • – (new) Big template
  • – (new) URL Shortener function
  • – (update) Added options to shortcode to display only share buttons or native social buttons

version 1.1.2

  • – (new) WooCommerce display share icons below price
  • – (new) Display share icons as sidebar
  • – (update) Fix position of floating bar on mobile devices

version 1.1.1

  • – (new) Twitter follow button
  • – (new) Display all buttons on same line

version 1.1.0

  • – (new) Send to mail is now with popup form and emails are sent directly from your WordPress site (not with links as before).

version 1.0.9

  • – (new) Disable Pinterest sniff for images and use default image
  • – (fix) Custom sharing message issue with Facebook
  • – (fix) General optimizations

version 1.0.6

  • – (new) Custom Share Message
  • – (new) Network rearrange