Get #1 Social Media Plugin for WordPress Now

Take Social Sharing to the Next Level with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, a Social Media Plugin with Style.

Personalized Button Style

No matter which button style you choose it will work with any of our templates

Flexible Button Width

Extend your button designs by apply automatic width, full width, display in columns or fixed width

Multiple Counter Styles

If display of share counter is important for you we cover that. You can choose between over of 10 button counter positions and over 8 total counter positions

Regular Share Buttons

Icon Based Share Buttons

Icon with Text on Hover

Text Based Button (without icon)

Vertical Buttons

Connected Buttons (without space)

Different Sizes Applied on Any Theme

Size: Extra Small

Size: Small

Size: Medium

Size: Large

Size: Extra Large

Size: Extra Extra Large

Clean, Customizable Design in Any Width

Automatic Width

Fixed Width

Flexible Full Width

Column Display (up to 10 columns)

Different counter & total counter positions that you can use with any button template or at any location

Social Proof Share Counters: Hide them till a number of share values is reached for total or individual share counter

12 Individual Button Counter Styles

9 Total Counter Styles