Included in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

How to style the share buttons

Each automatic display position contains advanced styles that you can set and overwrite the global. Some of the positions may contain a limited version of the options – for example: mobile positions. This limitation is due to the specifics of the design.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress offers a flexible sharing buttons’ design. And as a part of this, you can set global design styles but also personalize the styles for each display method individually. This makes it easy to get the best design you need.

The styles are two types:

  • Global – those styles are used always on the website. You can access the global options from the menu Sharing → Global Template & Style.
  • Position Based – those are styles you personalize and create for a specific share buttons’ position. They have higher priority and always overwrite the global styles. To do such a change you need to visit Where to Display → Position Settings → <Position You Wish To Personalize>. To make a possible selection of networks you need to activate at first that you wish to have personalized position settings.

The change of the styles requires clearing cache and CDN if you are using those on your website. Otherwise, changes you have made may not appear.


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