Included in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

How to show share buttons on your website

You can display share buttons on your website automatically using the included display methods. Or you can add buttons manually using the plugin’s unique function for creating custom displays.

The automatic share buttons display

The automatic display uses a combination of different conditions to show share buttons on chosen parts of your website. And you are using the included 30+ various display positions.

To automatically show the share buttons on your website you need to:

  • Choose the post types where buttons will show in Sharing -> Where to Display -> Post Types. The plugin will enable the display methods only for the post types you choose (default Posts). If you plan to use a manual display with shortcode/function call in the post types choose nothing and skip to the end where the custom display is explained.

  • Choose your automatic display positions in Sharing -> Where to Display -> Positions. You can choose one position for the content display from the list. The other groups support multiple choices.

  • If you are using multiple posts types it’s possible to select different positions for each. For example, you choose Posts and Pages. And you wish to show on Posts the buttons at the top and bottom of the content and as a sidebar. But you wish to show just a sidebar for the pages. This you can do in Where to Display -> Positions -> Different Positions by Post Types.

Those two steps are required to do the essential setup and have share buttons displayed on your website. What you should also know is that:

  • The Inline (content) display method allows just one selection (you can choose one from the list). Or choose manually/shortcode if no content share buttons will be added.
  • The Additional (website) and Mobile groups allow multiple choices and you can enable different positions at the same time.
  • The mobile display positions are optimized to be used only for mobile (small resolution devices). All other positions have responsive controls where you can choose device type it will be visible.
  • Each position has additional options that you can access under the Positions menu. This includes position-based options (example sidebar location) but also includes an extensive setup for styles and networks (to overwrite the global settings).

The manual share buttons display

With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can show buttons manually using:

  • Shortcode generated via the shortcode generator
  • The custom display function (recommended)

The custom display is a unique function that replaces the usage of the typical shortcodes. The custom display has many pros vs the typical shortcodes:

  • Easy changes in styles and networks – it’s literally like any other display method you have.
  • You can turn it off or on as you do with the automatic display positions.
  • Advanced available methods of integrations: shortcode, function call, Elementor Widget, Block Builder Element.

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