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How to setup and display Instagram feed

The Instagram Feed function can be hidden in your menu. If so the module is deactivated and you need to enable it from the Activate/Deactivate features. Learn more about feature activation and deactivation here.

General Setup

With the Instagram feed, you can show a static and privacy safe list of your latest Instagram images (and videos). You can display feed for different accounts only if you have an authorization key (token) – each account requires an individual token key.

All settings of the Instagram feed are located in the Follow -> Instagram Feed menu.

How to show an Instagram feed on your website

You can show the Instagram feed on your website using one of those options:

  • Elementor widget 
  • Block Editor element
  • Shortcode
  • Automatically below the content of selected post types
  • Anatomically pop-up on selected post types

Contact Support When You Need Them

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