Step-by-Step: Learn Essentials for Easy Social Share Buttons

Few quick start tutorials for the usage of essential plugin functions. Everything you need to know to get started with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Enable / Disable Plugin Features

At any time you can enable or disable features that you will use or not inside the plugin. Disabling features you don't need will make it easier for you to operate with settings.

Select Social Share Networks

Select and configure the networks you will use on your site. You are still able to select a personalized list of networks on each location of share buttons (including for mobiles). Here you can also configure additional network-specific options not available anywhere.

Modify Share Button Styles

The style is the look of the buttons on your site. The setup you do here will be used in all places where share buttons appear. You are still able to make a personalized style via location settings too.

Post Types & Positions for Social Sharing

Choose post-types & display positions where your social share buttons will appear. A detailed position personalization is available too.

Social Followers Counter & Social Profile Links

No matter how big is your site it is becoming more and more important to build and retain a social following. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress lets you display all of your social profiles follow counts.
You can also add static and privacy safe social profile links. It is similar to the social followers counter but without the need to configure any access details and does not show numbers. If you need eye-catching social profile links without any values this is the best solution for you.

Subscribe to Mailing List Forms

If you need to add subscribe to mailing list forms than you can do the setup here. With the plugin, you can add automatically subscribe forms below content, as fly-out or pop-up. You can also add manually forms with widgets, shortcodes or page builder elements.

Pin Any Image, Short URLs, Click to Tweet, Social Chat, Instagram Feed, Social Proof Notifications, Styles Changes, Etc.

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