Included in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Unlimited Custom Positions for WordPress Social Share Buttons

Unique Feature
Create additional custom display positions for share buttons inside the plugin. The custom display positions are equal to the default automatic positions offered by the plugin. They all have the same design and functional options. You can call those custom positions using shortcode, function call or page builder element.
Using the traditional shortcodes to add the share buttons in the content (or theme) has the following major cons:
  • A change in the style is required to open the template or theme file and modify the shortcode. That is even more annoying if you have used it several times.
  • If you decide to temporarily stop the display you should edit the template or theme files.
  • The shortcode can be limited in supported options.
We Have An Easy Solution For All That!
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Create Own Display Methods Unique

The custom display function is made to solve those problems at once. You can create a custom display that can be embedded anywhere using function call, shortcode, Elementor widget, Block Editor element. This custom display goes automatically in the positions menu. This means that you can stop or activate it as you do for other methods. And you have all granular controls for design optimizations.

All custom displays you add will appear automatically in the list of share button positions (group Additional).

  • Contains all customize controls like those included in the plugin.

  • Responsive controls.

  • Control the appearance of share buttons like the automatic display positions.

  • Integrated with the WordPress block builder.

  • Integrated into the Elementor page builder.

  • Can be added anywhere with a shortcode.

  • Can be added with a function call into the theme.

  • Map existing actions or filters of the theme or external plugins into display positions where share buttons will appear.

Add custom display method with shortcode

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Add custom position in the Elementor builder

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Add custom position in the Block Editor

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