Included in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

How to select and configure networks for sharing

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress offer an extensive network setup. At first, you set up a global networks list used for the entire website. But if needed you can adjust it on each of the positions (including mobile).

Choose The Global Networks

As it says by the name those are the global networks. The plugin uses that list if you don’t make any further personalizations. The global networks’ setup consists of:

  • Global Networks – the list and order of social networks appearing on the website. You can access it from Sharing → Global Networks. The list and order can be customized for each display position of share buttons (including the custom displays’).

  • Global Network Options – additional options related to the work of social networks (WhatsApp mode, Tweet additional settings, etc.). Except for the more/share button command, all other options can’t be customized outside the global setup. You can access those options from Sharing → Global Network Options.

  • Manage Available Social Networks – allows deactivating some of the core social networks you won’t use in the plugin. That helps to optimize the work of more/share buttons. And it will also make it easy to adjust and add networks. You can access it from Sharing → Global Networks.

  • Manage Network Device Visibility (Mobile, Desktop) – this option is part of mobile optimization. You can choose the device visibility (desktop or mobile) of each network from your website. You can access it from Sharing → Global Networks.

Customize Share Buttons For a Position

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress have a unique function to customize the social networks for each position. To do such a change you need to visit Where to Display → Position Settings → <Position You Wish To Personalize>. To make a possible selection of networks you need to activate at first that you wish to have personalized position settings. For example, you choose to show the share buttons with the content bottom and sidebar. With the global network settings, you choose the buttons that will show for sharing (networks important for you). In the sidebar, you personalize the list of networks and show only the most important (for example Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). The rest shows only in the footer. 


Contact Support When You Need Them

Need help with the plugin setup and configuration? Receive fast and accurate answers from our support agents. Our team can also offer on-site configuration of the plugin features and assistance with the initial setup.