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How to receive support for Easy Social Share Buttons

All plugin customers that have a direct plugin purchase code will receive support. If you own the plugin bundled in a product you purchase, you are not able to receive support from us until you own a direct license.

All of our technical support is forum-based. Premium users can get support in the premium support forums. You won’t receive premium support for Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress anywhere else (mail, chat, comments, etc.). The plugin license is lifetime, but the premium support period depends on the purchase you have made. With each purchase, you receive 6 or 12 months of premium support. You can extend the premium support if expired at any time in your Envato account. 

If your premium support is expired you will still have access to the support system and ask questions. But you will have an expired badge and get just basic support (as plugin license is lifetime we won’t cut out your access or support at all). The basic support means you will have a lower response rate, you won’t have the ability to use support team log in to configure directly on your website, you won’t get help with codes preparation, .etc.

To be able to receive technical support you need:

  1. Register an account at
  2. Verify your account and verify your plugin purchase code to access the board
  3. Start a new topic and describe the problem you have. Once you create a topic you will have an option for a private reply. This reply will be visible for you and the support team only.

If you have a problem with the code validation, fill out the form on this page so we can manually activate your account.

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