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Monitoring the social activity of your users is an essential part of any social media strategy, and is crucial to growing your profile across social networks. As the best social sharing plugin and the most comprehensive package on the market, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives you all you need to monitor, analyze and optimize your social media interactions.

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Most complete and in depth analytics in social sharing plugin

Only one option is required to be active and you will start collecting data that is provided in user friendly way. It was never been so easy to locate best performing networks or best display locations.

With build in stats you have ability to see:

  • Click of share buttons grouped by device type (desktop or mobile)
  • Clicks on display positions – this will allow you easy to locate best performing locations for your site
  • Clicks by social networks – overall for entire site, by post or for each location
  • Detailed data by month or day of month including post information
  • Best performing posts by clicks of social buttons and network values


Optimize your share message in the way you wish users to see it

Setting right message will ensure that you will have many new visitors. This is why we provide you full share control via most popular social share optimization tags.

You are also able to change them manually on each post for better results or use automatic generated based on content. The Tweet change is also easy with on post settings where you can set custom text, hashtags and username