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TikTok Feed

Simple but powerfull TikTok feed for your website, without the need for access keys or tokens.

This is a free add-on for Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress customers. To download you need to verify your purchase code. The free add-on is not available for users with theme integrated versions of the plugin.
This add-on requires version 7.5 of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
A change in the TikTok API prevents the update of the feed. At this time there is no alternative approach. We are waiting for further API improvements from the TikTok developers. This will allow us to update the feed.

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Verify Your Purchase Code to Download

This free add-on is available for all Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress direct customers. To download please fill the plugin purchase code (find my plugin purchase code). This code should also be used at once to activate the plugin for at least one domain (how to activate the plugin). All free add-ons you can also find in the full plugin installation package.